With 800 employees and 130 offices, Adecco Belgium offers a varied range of services.

In Belgium, Adecco itself offers temporary staffing solutions, recruitment and selection, and HR services. On the Belgian market, our more specialised HR services are offered under different brand names via associated companies.

Professional Staffing provides a wide range of solutions through its specialist recruitment agencies XPE Pharma & Science, XPE Customer Care, Badenoch & Clark and euro engineering. Modis focuses on ICT professionals. Rounding out Adecco’s services in Belgium are 3W, which provides interim management solutions and Lee Hecht Harrison/DBM, specialists in career transition and outplacement.

Adecco Belgium is part of the Adecco Group, the world leader in HR solutions. Every day, the Adecco Group worldwide places more than 700,000 people with more than 100,000 customers and has a network of over 32,000 of its own employees and 5,200 offices in over 60 countries.


QUID est une association sans but lucratif reconnue et soutenue par l’ULB. Notre objectif est d’aider et de conseiller l’ensemble des étudiants de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles dans le domaine juridique.

QUID a été créée par cinq étudiants de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles, portés par une envie insatiable d’entreprendre.

Bien qu’étudiants nous sommes en constante recherche d’amélioration. Tant de la qualité de notre travail que de la relation que nous entretenons avec les étudiants conseillés.

Ce projet nous tient particulièrement à coeur, il a l’avantage de présenter tout ce dont un juriste peut rêver : des défis intellectuels sans cesse renouvelés pour une finalité sociale certaine.

Nos principaux domaines d’activités sont les suivants :

  • Les contrats de baux
  • La réglementation en matière de contrat de travail étudiant
  • L’achat de produits de consommation (en ce compris les garanties)
  • Le droit administratif de l’ULB
  •  L’aide à la rédaction de statuts et de règlements d’ordre intérieur pour les associations étudiantes de l’ULB
  • L’accompagnement et le conseil juridique de startups
  • … Et encore plus !

ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association) is an international, independent, non-political, non-profit-making organisation run by and for students. It is comprised of students and recent graduates who are interested in academic and personal excellence in addition to their studies at their universities. ELSA offers law students a perfect platform to develop their existing skills, acquire new skills and meet fellow students and legal professionals throughout Europe.

Five law students from Austria, Hungary, Poland and West Germany founded ELSA in 1981. Today ELSA is the world’s largest independent law students association and it is represented at nearly 300 law faculties in 41 countries across Europe with membership in excess of 40 000 students and young lawyers.

ELSA-activities comprise a large variety of academic and professional events and projects that are organised to fulfil the vision of ELSA and in order to provide our members opportunities to enhance their skills and to interact with each other. Furthermore ELSA provides law students opportunities to develop their skills through our traineeship programme as well as through our publications. Finally working in the ELSA Network prepares active members of ELSA for their professional life through international experience gained through the association.

finance club

The Club aims to promote finance related activities and careers throughout the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) student community. Its principal goal is to supplement the pedagogical Solvay experience and the Solvay Campus Recruitment initiatives to prepare its members for successful careers. It will serve the Solvay students by providing them with a professional, social and educational organization focused on all areas of finance. To achieve that objective, we will extensively work with the BE, the Solvay Alumni, the teaching staff of the university, the Campus Recruitment,…