Solvay Student Review n°6

February 2016/ May 2016

In this number, an “Ethics & Sustainability” section has come to life because we think that some things have to change in order to save our 21st century. For want of providing answers, this section will try to ask the right questions in order to deal with the most relevant problems of this century. In this number, we are happy to introduce, in the “Ethics & Sustainability” section, an article from L. Slezakova about the new energy revolution, an article from M. Gomez about biodiversity banking and an article about inequalities by W. Eden.

Thank you for your trust and support and enjoy reading this issue!

Solvay Student Review n°5

November 2015/ January 2016

2015 was a very rich year for the Solvay Student Review. To each of you, students, professors, alumni, sponsors and friends, thank you for your support. From the team of the Solvay Student Review, we wish you a Merry Christmas and we are looking forward to seeing you back in 2016!

Solvay Student Review n°4

September/ November 2015

We are happy to introduce in this issue an article from an ECARES’ researcher, the European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics, based at ULB. Enjoy this issue and review it on

Solvay Student Review n°3

May/ July 2015

 In this issue, attention focuses on innovation and changes, such as drones, islamic finance, microfinance and the so-called “prêts d’honneur”, etc. TTIP and tax issues regarding financial transactions are also discussed, with the aim to provide a balanced vision of these complex topics. What’s more, you can as usual follow our country analysis – this time on Lebanon – as well as our exclusive business interview of Delhaize Group former CEO Pierre-Olivier Beckers. We hope that you will enjoy this issue.

Solvay Student Review n°2

February/ April 2015

 After having confirmed the quality of our analyses with the SSR n°1, we come back three months later with new articles – in English, French and Flemish – new debates, new authors, and new communication through our brand new app ! We hope you will enjoy reading this new issue and give us a feedback as positive as for the first one.

Solvay Student Review n°1

November 2014 / January 2015

Discover everything about controversies surrounding interest rates, Paul Singer and Argentina’s bankruptcy, the so-called democratic deficit in the E.U., prop trading, the rise of Africa and strategies to combat the decline of E.U. manufacturing.

As in every number, one country is analysed : this number focuses on Singapore and its amazing evolution !